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Crazy Eggs Pinball (aja Eggheadz Bounce) is fresh mashup of pinball and hacky-sack! Just tap to bounce the eggs and keep them aloft, while dashing to avoid hazards and collect bonus items in this endless pinball arcade game.

Simple one finger tap control to play. Aim your taps like a pinball pro to control the direction of flight for advanced play. Rebound off bumpers, or balance on them briefly for a rest. Ricochet off other eggs after collecting one of the many multi bonuses. Fun game for the whole family!

Use the gem magnet to help collect gems in order to unlock more characters, then unleash the power of the rainbow multiball. A safety net is available to help protect you from cracking the eggs. Endless pinball arcade levels with varying challenges.

Practice your tap control to bounce the eggs right where you want them (pro pinball players), or just tap like crazy and cross your fingers (fun for kids)! Earn gems and other surprise eggs and deluxe bonus items in the daily reward.

- Deluxe HD game fun

- Endless classic pinball arcade action

- Simple one-finger tap controls

- Original pinball gameplay

- Easy to play, a challenge to master

- Lots of power-ups and bonuses

- Many characters to unlock

- Accurate physics

- Simple old school fun!

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