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Drop Stack Toys is an endless block tower stacking game.

Just tap to drop blocks and stack them up into an endless tower of blocks!

A sequel to the original Drop Stack - this version is aimed at younger players, though all are welcome to play! The graphics are a bit more colorful, the pace is a bit slower, and the physics are a bit more forgiving.

Line up the block carefully before you drop the block to create towering stacks of blocks. Stack the blocks densely if going for score, or drop blocks into narrow towers if going for the tallest tower. How many blocks can you stack before your block tower crumbles? Try to keep your block tower balanced!

Balance is the key to stacking blocks. Knowing when and where to drop blocks will allow you to stack them up into the tallest block towers. Line up the block, then tap to drop blocks where they fit best. Or just drop blocks wherever you want and challenge yourself to build a block stack that wobbles out of balance.

Super simple controls, easy to learn - even a toddler can play! This stacking game starts easy, but becomes more challenging as you progress. Great for quick casual gaming sessions any time, anywhere!

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