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The Easter Bunny has a new strategy this year... Instead of hiding the Easter Eggs, the Easter Bunny is tossing them out in plain sight! It's up to you to slice open the eggs before they disappear if you want the hidden candy inside.

Endless cartoon slicing action - chop the eggs, swipe the candy!

Just in time for Easter, but fun for any time of year.

Think about it... Which would a ninja rather have on Easter: fruit and sushi, or eggs and candy?!

Hunt the Easter Eggs, then slash open the eggs to enjoy the sweet fruits of your labor!

Simple controls, just swipe to slice, crack the eggs, chop the candy .. but watch out for bombs!

Endless, untimed slice action - though be alert, the pace gets more frantic the farther you go.

Inside the easter eggs you might any of several rewards: candy, coins, or even a rare gem or star!

Collect all the rewards and goodies by swiping and slashing, then use them to acquire upgrades.

Just mild cartoon slicing mayhem - no explicit references to ninja, samurai, sword, knife, blade, etc.

Give your fruit slicing skills a new challenge for Easter - slice some eggs and candy!

The mint candy comes in a variety of fruit flavors including apple, watermelon and banana.

Although fruit-flavored candy isn't as healthy as real fruit, it will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Try a (non-violent) slice on the Easter Bunny too -- if you can catch him!

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Notes for parents:

Does not contain in-app purchases

Does not collect any personal information

Does not integrate with social media sites

Does contain unobtrusive links to our own social media and products

Does contain third-party ads (an ad-free version is also available)

Requires only minimal permissions (networking)

Published Apr 06, 2017
Tagseaster, egg, fruit, Ninja, slice

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